Rob Pattinson Takes on ALS's Ice Bucket Challenge
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Robert Pattinson takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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”Rob’s not on social media, so he asked me to post his Ice Bucket Challenge for #StrikeOutALS”

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Robert Pattinson attends ‘The Rover’ Photocall - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival.

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"I’m really excited at the idea of going back to the festival (Cannes). I would love if all of my films were selected. For now, the last three films I shot since the end of Twilight have been. I will do everything I can to maintain this objective.”

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In every school, all over the world, in every class, there was always that person that was better than everyone else. You can hold on to the fact that, yeah they were Mr. Perfect in school, and everyone resented them, and they were so great, but in later life Mr. Perfect will have  made his mistakes. he will have screwed things up.
And now, with facebook, you can find the bastards.

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Robert on set of LIFE (March, 15)

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New pictures of Rob with Jack Fulton on LIFE set, March 07th

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I don’t like people thinking that they know me. You do all you can to surprise people. And hopefully some people will find that interesting.”

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